Ways to Combat Isolation and Loneliness Among Seniors


Social isolation and loneliness are common problems among the elderly. Many older adults live alone at home. Declining mobility and weakening physical health can also cause seniors to become homebound. Most seniors get assistance with Personal Care in California. There are more services out there that can cater to an elderly’s specific care needs. However, this is not what seniors only need.

Sometimes, we are too focused on meeting their physical needs and tend to neglect their mental health. We have no idea they might be battling loneliness and social isolation and often overlook its signs and symptoms. And as a trusted Home Care Agency in Monterey, California, we are here to share with you some helpful tips on how to help your aging parents prevent social isolation and loneliness:

  • Reduce isolation by getting to know your neighbors more
  • Prevent senior isolation by staying active through exercise
  • Seek help from care professionals to be your loved one’s reliable companion
  • Fight loneliness by getting involved in the community and volunteering activities
  • Ask your senior loved one if they are interested in moving into a senior living community

Here at Ileini’s Care, Inc., we understand that aging and specific health conditions may hinder their ability to complete their day-to-day living conveniently. That is why we are here to provide exceptional in-home assistance and companionship to improve the lives of the individuals who rely on us for their home care needs.

We also offer Pet Care services. If you have further inquiries regarding the care services we offer, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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