Maintaining a Clean and Safe Home for Seniors

maintaining-a-clean-and-safe-home-for-seniorsA clean home is a safe and healthy home. Ileini’s Care, Inc. is one of the top providers of live-in personal care in California. Our caregivers are skilled at performing many tasks, including companionship care, meal preparation, and medication management. They are also great at performing a variety of light housekeeping tasks, to ensure the home is safe for their elderly clients to live in.

Keeping the home tidy and clutter-free can help prevent accidents and falls. This involves keeping floors clear of objects that clients can trip or slip on. Carpets and rugs must be secured so they lay flat on the floor. Floors must also be kept dry, especially in areas like the bathroom and the kitchen, where floors tend to get wet.

Keeping the home dust-free is another task our caregivers can help with. They regularly change their clients’ sheets. They vacuum and dust furniture and areas around the house that are prone to dust accumulation. Our caregivers can also perform pet care services for clients who have cats, dogs, and other pets, at home. Cleaning up after pets is, of course, a part of this service.

If you are looking for a home care agency in Monterey, California that has multi-skilled caregivers who care a lot about home safety and cleanliness, give us a call today at 831-375-CARE (2273). Together, let us find the right caregiving solution for your elderly loved one so they can enjoy their golden years relaxing at home and doing the things they love.

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