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See what our clients have to say about our staff and services by reading some of the testimonials they sent. If you like to share your experience in working with us, you are more than welcome to send your testimonials here.

14 responses to “Client/Family Testimonial”

  1. We requested a last minute help and Ileini’s Care, Inc representative came out on the same day and meet with us. We were new to this kind of care and Ileini’s Care assured us that we will be care for in every help we need. The caregivers were excellent and treated us like we are part of their family members. We were happy with all their care. We are now back on our feet again and will continue to have Ileini’s Care Inc help us. We appreciate all the staff members who come into our home and got us back on our feet.

  2. The week that Ileini’s care was at my mother’s home made a very difficult decision easier. When I met the care givers at my arrival to my mother’s home, I immediately felt that I made the right decision. The care givers were well trained to deal with any situation. My mother was difficult and stubborn to the end, but the care and compassion that the team displayed while working was wonderful. I had many conversations with these women, and I was in awe that there are people that put the comfort of others over their own feelings.
    I cannot thank these women enough for all they did. Shift changes went smoothly and seamlessly, and my mother when she was lucid, was able to rest comfortably knowing that everything was being taken care of, which was not typical.

  3. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you hire Ileini and her staff to help when your loved one is in the hospice stage.Ileini quickly showed up at 7pm when our other caregiver suddenly cancelled because he got sick (During the Covid scare). We could finally relax knowing that the professional staff was caring for my dad. We asked for 24/7 care for 3 days. But, decided that the staff provided exceptional care that we wanted to extend the 24 hour care. These women did an excellent job of not over dosing dad with morphine. Dad was able to communicate with us better. He seemed more comfortable and rested. The staff even cared for our well being, especially from Ileini. We were pleasantly surprised that they helped us after dad passed away. They bathed him and dressed him for the mortuary pick up. This staff is well worth the money.

  4. Ileini’s Care allowed our family to breath and focus on loving our grandfather during his last days. We had struggled with other caregivers days before and when we were left with no one to help us care for our grandfather we were referred to Ileini’s Care by a friend. A representative gave us a call back and we had help that night. Ileini herself was an amazing presence to have around keeping us calm and talking us through what we needed to know. Her staff were just as amazing and personable – we consider all of them family! Beyond any of what she did for us (which was a lot) the care she and her staff took with my grandfather was incredible. He was well cared for 24 hours a day and at one point Ileini helped him to go outside to enjoy the sunshine and his beautiful garden one last time. I will never be able to thank her enough for giving us the confidence and care to have those positive memories in such a difficult time. I would recommend her to anybody and everybody. I am so thankful for her and her staff- Hepi and Chris – for giving us the rest we needed allowing us to spend quality time and have positive memories with our grandfather. You were all truly a blessing.

  5. We are so happy that we hired Illeini’s Care to nurse Dad during his final week of life. Dad had been admitted to hospice with a terminal cancer diagnosis. The hospice agency provided many important services including a hospital bed, pain medication, and other support. However, hospice does not cover 24×7 caregiver support. The family was present, but did not have the knowledge to care for a mostly unresponsive patient, manage his pain medications effectively, or deal with normal end-of-life issues such as choking on liquids. Thanks to Illeini and her staff, Dad was comfortable throughout, and the family was freed up to spend quality time with him and each other. We were alerted early one morning when Dad’s breathing indicated he was in the final stretch, and he died quietly surrounded by his closest family.

  6. The 24/7 end of life care from Ileini’s Care was nurturing in every possible way, both for my mother and for me during what was a difficult, painful, and very sad time. Ileini and her beautiful team cared for my mother as if she was a member of their own family. Ileini, Mele, Hepi, Mama, and Chris were very respectful, always treating my mother with kindness, dignity, and compassion. I was coordinating services from Ileini’s team, hospice, and assisted living caregivers, but the support from Ileini’s Care in navigating such a complex and emotional time was nothing short of miraculous. Ileini herself was with me and my family every step of the way, and even now, after several months have passed, Ileini checks in to see how I’m doing. Ileini and her caregivers gave so much of themselves to my mother, and we were blessed that they took such an important journey with us. I will never forget how peaceful I felt whenever I would come into my mother’s room to find Ileini or one of her caregivers holding my mother’s hand. My mother died with grace, knowing she was deeply loved..

  7. The care and attention our dad received from Ileini and her team was beyond our expectations. We were quickly relieved and assured as Ileini put a team together to immediately take care of our dad (and our family). We definitely made the right decision to have Ileini’s Care provide 24/7 end of life care; allowing us to breathe better, truly enjoy and love dad in his final days.

  8. Ileini and her team were wonderful partners with our family in caring for our loved one as he neared the end of his life. Ileini’s Care was highly recommended by my Dad’s primary care provider and I completely understand why. Ileini met with family members and clearly explained the services and logistics of home care. We were new to this type of care and Ileini answered all our questions that gave us confidence that this was the type of care our Dad needed. The care team was professional, competent, punctual, reliable, and respectful. They all made a very difficult and stressful time more manageable for our family. They were incredibly responsive to and anticipated my Dad’s needs. They were extremely sensitive to when we wanted time alone as a family. I highly recommend, without reservation, Ileini and her care team.

  9. Our family could not have dealt with our mother’s care and death without Ileini’s Care. Our mother was 94, living on her own far from any family member, still driving, and taking 100% care of herself until 6 months ago. She refused to have anyone “in the house” until a small set back made her agree to try someone to help just 4 hours a day. What a joyous decision because soon the Coronavirus struck and the family could not travel to help her. Ilein’s team became our mother’s best friends–she loved them and told them she thought of them as daughters. When our mother was hospitalized and then returned home with Hospice, Ileini’s Care took over 24 hours a day. They did grocery shopping and cooked wonderful soups and cookies and healthful food from scratch. They gave our mother baths and massages and sat and talked with her by the hour. When she passed, Ileini’s staff bathed her and stayed with our mother until the mortuary arrived. They then changed the bedding, vacuumed the house, took out the trash, and left everything in spotless condition. Ileini came highly recommended by hospital and hospice staff and we are so glad with followed their advice. Her care was truly a blessing.

  10. Ileini and her Team are the best. Loving, caring, compassion, kind, respectful. You name it, they all have it. They come into our home and took care of our loved one like their own family members. Ileini herself met with us prior to hiring her company, and answered every questions that we needed and educate us how and what to expect in caring for our loved one. Ileini made a very difficult decision easy for us and she was our 4th person that we interviewed and we know right away that Ileini’s Care, Inc is the right company to care for our loved one. We highly recommend Ileini and her Team.

  11. My husband left CHOMP and returned home to us under hospice care. It soon became apparent that we would need additional help. Ileini met with me. She and her team, (Ileini, Hector and Joseph) , the hospice nurses and aides, formed the most amazing and compassionate community to assist my husband. Ileini is a marvelous individual to work with. Her care-team: responsive, loving, so professional. My family and I hold the greatest respect for Ileini’s Care, and highly recommend them.

  12. My husband wished to be at home rather than alone in a hospital as he neared the end of this life.. Between Hospice, Ileini and her team, and famiy, his wishes were honored in a loving, caring environment. IleinI and her team all provided the whole family with support during this difficult time. I would not hesitate to recommend Ileini and her team to anyone needing loving care and support during an illness or helping navigate today’s extremely stressful healthcare system. Endless thanks for all you did.

  13. Ileini’s Home care allowed my cousin to die at home. Their care was knowledgeable and kind. I so appreciate their direction and thoughtfulness so we could give love and thanks to this family member.

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