Pneumonia: A Dangerous Illness in Seniors


Aging brings about many changes, including weakened immunity. And as they age, seniors are at higher risk for various diseases.

Pneumonia is one of the deadliest health conditions in the elderly. And it is also one of the reasons for hospitalization in this age group. Many seniors require hospital admission for monitoring, treatment, and possibly mechanical ventilation.

How to identify pneumonia in the elderly? Well, symptoms are almost similar to other respiratory diseases. It manifests fever and chills, difficulty breathing, chest pain, diarrhea, and nausea but may also include confusion, disorientation, or delirium.

Seniors diagnosed with pneumonia are at increased risk of respiratory failure, septic shock, and death due to its complications. Families must impose strict medication reminder to ensure healing and recovery.

It often takes a long time before senior recovers from pneumonia — about six to eight weeks. He will need a companion to help him recover and also to aid with personal care in California.

How to prevent spreading it at home? Family members must observe proper hygiene and sanitation with light housekeeping.

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