Obesity and Its Prevalence in the Elderly Population


The elderly population is expected to boom to double by 2050. With that said, many of this age group may require healthcare needs from a home care agency in Monterey, California, due to various health conditions, including obesity.

The number of elderly individuals with obesity is also expected to increase as the population ages. And the lack of exercise and unhealthy eating can be the culprits.

Supposedly, fats promote increased energy reserve, prevention of malnutrition, and protection from bone mineral density loss and osteoporosis. However, its effects may pose more danger than benefits, especially with too much body fat reserves.

Obesity is one of the factors for the following diseases:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension and Heart Diseases
  • Stroke
  • Cancer

Seniors with these conditions may require personal care in California in the long run. And you can entrust them with Ileini’s Care, Inc.

Pet care and ownership may help overcome obesity. Seniors can take their dogs for a walk, which is a form of low-impact exercise.

Meal preparation and planning can also help maintain the appropriate weight and wellness of your senior loved ones. So seek our assistance whenever they needed. Call us for more information.

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