Exercises to Prevent Falls for Those with Arthritis


People with arthritis are more likely to suffer the devastating impacts of falls, particularly head or hip injuries and fractures. One type of arthritis, osteoporosis, can increase one’s risk for falling and acquiring fractures from it. Home care agency in Monterey, California understands that this may be due to medications, gait changes, fatigue, and more.

Doing the right exercises is crucial to preventing falls, of course with the assistance of a provider of personal care in California. Here are some arthritis-friendly exercises:

  • Posture exercises
    First off, train yourself to posture exercise. Maintaining correct posture allows you to see and avoid hazards around you.
  • Core exercises
    These exercises can make it easier for you to return to your balance in case you slip. These exercises don’t just target the abs but the front and back of the pelvic girdle and torso as well. For safety, secure companionship in each exercise.
  • Yoga
    This includes strengthening, stretching, and balancing, all of which are ideal for arthritic patients. You can always experiment with different yoga types if you find the regular one too difficult.
  • Customized exercises
    The best exercises are the ones especially made for you by your physical or occupational therapist where your weak spots are identified and provided with strengthening solutions.

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