Causes and Prevention of Malnutrition in the Elderly


Older adults are more prone to malnutrition, and the causes aren’t just simply eating too little or having a diet lacking in nutrients. Home care agency in Monterey, California, understands that it can be due to a combination of social, psychological, and physical issues, such as the following:

  • Illness and medications
  • Dementia
  • Normal age-related changes
  • Limited income
  • And more

If your elderly loved ones have any of these, they may be at risk for malnutrition. A provider of personal care in California lists down how caregivers can help prevent malnutrition in the elderly:

  • Observe habits
    Spend mealtimes with them to note what kinds of food they eat and how much.
  • Help with meal plans
    Help them create a healthy shopping list, shop together, plan healthy meals, or prepare healthy meals ahead of time. Find ways to help them make money-saving shopping choices.
  • Monitor weight
    Keep a weekly record of your elderly loved one’s weight at home. You can also spot weight loss by the changes in how their clothes fit.
  • Encourage physical activity
    One simple way to get them moving is pet care. No matter how light the exercises are, they can stimulate the appetite and strengthen muscles and bones.

Ileini’s Care, Inc. can help your loved ones with their daily meal preparation, especially when they’re alone at home. Reach us for support.

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