The Benefits of Outdoor Activities for Older Adults


Outdoor activities for seniors are important for their overall health. Staying in shape and spending time with loved ones is a great and happy form of activity that everyone should be part of. The outdoors provides seniors with free exercise, which keeps the heart pumping and their muscles strong.

As a home care agency in Monterey, California, we make it a point to include outdoor time for our clients. As part of our companionship and personal care services, our caregivers help clients stay entertained and happy by accompanying them wherever they might go; from doctor’s appointments to strolls in the park.

To help avoid a sedentary life, our caregivers help clients enjoy the outdoors to gain the following benefits:

  • Improved mental health
    Individuals who spend more time outdoors are found to experience less depression and anxiety. This is great for seniors who live alone and wish to avoid isolation from the community.
  • Boost of energy
    Any form of exercise, such as walking, biking, or jogging, can stimulate our endorphins, allowing the individual to feel a greater sense of energy and vitality.
  • A good source of Vitamin D
    Seniors who spend their time indoors are more prone to vitamin D deficiency, which causes health problems like depleting bone health. A provider of personal care in California can help your senior achieve their daily intake of vitamin D through a healthy diet and exercise.

Ileini’s Care, Inc. is a home health care provider that focuses on the overall health needs of our senior clients and their families. With the help of our care team, we help improve their quality of life. We also provide pet care for seniors with furry loved ones.

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