Medication Errors and How Caregivers Can Help

medication-errors-and-how-caregivers-can-helpAccording to the CDC, people aged 65 years old and above usually get up to five different chronic conditions. This necessitates the prescription of a variety of medicines.

As much as these are meant to help, numerous complex prescriptions can be hard to follow for your senior loved ones. As your trusted home care agency in Monterey, California, Ileini’s Care, Inc. would like to expound on some of the most common medication errors seniors face:

  • Improper timing and dosage
    Most medicines have certain requirements that depend on the needs of the patient. When not done correctly, this can result in an overdose. Setting up a medication reminder is handy in preventing multiple doses or failed schedules.
  • Drug and food interactions
    Medication interacts with other medications, food, and liquids. Most of them can be harmful and even fatal. Getting a comprehensive list of what to take should give you a heads-up. This can be done easier when your loved one has a caregiver under companionship services to join them in clinic or pharmacy visits.
  • Mistakes with administration
    Swallowing a tablet that should dissolve under the tongue or applying a nasal spray on the skin are examples of this. These prevent the medication from taking effect and can even cause serious problems. Having someone to help them follow instructions ensures that your loved one takes their medication through the right route.

And who can that be aside from you? Our trained caregivers. With our brand of personal care in California, we pair your loved one with a caregiver who can help them follow their prescriber’s instructions to keep them on their path to continued wellness.

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