Knowing More About Senile Purpura

Knowing More About Senile Purpura

Have you noticed the strange bruises that keep appearing on your elderly loved one? That is known as senile purpura, and it usually affects older adults. These marks appear because your loved one’s skin and blood vessels are more fragile than when they were younger. It makes it easy for the skin to bruise from minor trauma.

Another cause of senile purpura is sun damage. So make sure that you are giving proper care to your elderly loved one’s skin. If you notice any bruise on your loved one that isn’t caused by falls, contact their doctor immediately. The caregiver handling your loved one’s meal preparation can also help keep an eye on your loved one’s skin.

Senile purpura is normally benign and will heal by itself, but proper skin care will help in keeping the appearances of these bruises. You can employ the help of a Home Care Agency in Monterey, California to help with your loved one’s personal care.

While senile purpura is currently not related to any systemic diseases or blood dyscrasias, it still poses a risk for skin tears to institutionalised patients. Investing in personal care in California can help in lowering these risks, while simultaneously strengthening and revitalizing your loved one’s skin.

A caregiver can come over and help your loved one with bathing, grooming, and even pet care. So don’t hesitate to give us here at Ileini’s Care, Inc. a call. Dial 831-375-2273 to get in touch.

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