How to Keep Seniors Motivated to Exercise

how-to-keep-seniors-motivated-to-exerciseDaily exercise is an excellent way for aging adults to maintain their independence while enjoying substantial health benefits. Like many of us, staying motivated to exercise during the golden years is not always easy. In addition to personal care in California, caregivers can also assist seniors with daily exercise. Here, we share tips to keep seniors motivated to exercise:

  • Make Exercise Fun
    Making exercise a fun activity makes it feel less like a chore. To make the activity enjoyable and interesting, try to incorporate the senior’s hobbies. For instance, birdwatching is a good way to go for walks to increase cardiovascular endurance. Meanwhile, gardening keeps seniors on their feet and encourages them to spend time outdoors.
  • Make It a Routine
    Seniors are more likely to exercise when it’s a convenient part of their routine. Try to combine physical activity with a task that’s already part of their day. A great example is walking the dog. In addition to pet care, caregivers can help with exercise by helping seniors set goals, such as gradually increasing their dog walking sessions until they hit their goal.
  • Make it Social
    Aside from daily assistance, caregivers can also offer companionship. Having an “exercise buddy” can motivate seniors to achieve their fitness goals. Another idea is to join a fitness group like water aerobics, dancing, yoga, or even walking around the nearby area with neighbors.

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