How Seniors Benefit from Pet Ownership


Today, more seniors are choosing to spend their golden years at home. To help face challenges related to aging, many seniors rely on home care services. Beyond that, aging comes with challenges that can leave seniors feeling lonely and prone to depression. Having a pet can help them find comfort and meaning in this new and unfamiliar stage in life.

As a leading home care agency in Monterey, California, we will discuss the benefits of pet ownership for aging adults:

  • Pets promote healthier lifestyles.

    Seniors with pets tend to engage in healthier lifestyles. Dog owners are more prone to daily walks, contributing to an overall healthier body. Regular physical activity helps lower blood pressure and improves cardiovascular functioning.

  • Pets help deal with stress.

    The social interaction and companionship shared between pets and their senior owners lower the stress hormone called cortisol. Petting a dog or cat also eases loneliness and helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

  • Pets help improve memory.

    Owning a pet can also help seniors improve their memory. Pet care and other responsibilities that pet ownership entail can enhance memory recall, mental cognition, and memory retention among seniors.

  • Pets promote social connections.

    While pets are great companions, they can also help humans connect with other people. Having a pet is a common way of meeting and socializing with others in the neighborhood. Taking a pet on a stroll can help seniors build new relationships in the community.

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