A Caregiver’s Guide to Proper Pet Care

a-caregivers-guide-to-proper-pet-careBeing a caregiver is a demanding profession. They may sometimes be required to do tasks outside of their usual job responsibilities like doing light chores, offering companionship, and assisting in activities of daily living. If an elderly has a pet, then they also need to look after it. However, the tasks can vary depending on the type of pet.

General pet care tasks regardless of the type of pet include basic needs such as food, water, and playtime which should be given daily. Caregivers may also provide companionship for the pet if the client requests it. Some caregivers may also take the pet to veterinary appointments and even administer medications if necessary.

Just like how elderly patients require personal care in California, caregivers should also consider their client’s types of pets and their specific needs. Dogs, for example, require physical activity by taking them for a walk, playing fetch, and other types of games suitable for dogs.

Meanwhile, for cats, caregivers of home care agency in Monterey, California need to clean their litter boxes, allot daily time for playing, and even go for a stroll around the neighborhood. The needs of other pets, such as birds or fish, include cleaning their cages or tanks, changing the water in the aquarium every 2 to 4 weeks, and giving fresh food and water daily.

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