How to Promote Healthy Eating in Senior Loved Ones

How to Promote Healthy Eating in Senior Loved Ones

Seniors have different dietary requirements. But due to a decline in their physical abilities due to aging, they might have trouble with healthy meal preparation.

So, how can you encourage your aging family members to eat healthily? Here are suggestions:

  • Plan ahead of time.

    Planning meals ahead of time ensure that your loved ones eat the foods with the nutrients they need. It also helps make buying grocery supplies easier and more efficient.

    Plan according to your family members’ dietary needs. Be sure to check what’s left in their fridge and pantry, too.

  • Choose nutritious yet long-lasting foods.

    Keep storage in mind when making your purchase. Pick nutritious foods that your loved ones can store in their fridge for a considerably longer time. Buy enough to last them for a week or until the next time you shop. A provider of personal care in California can help out when you’re not around.

  • Choose pre-cut foods.

    Slicing foods may already be difficult for seniors. Eating them may also be troublesome. Go for pre-cut meat and fruits, if available. If not, a care provider from a home care agency in Monterey, California can help with the preparation.

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