Exercises That Are Not Advisable for Seniors to Do

It is a general knowledge of how exercise can improve our overall health. However, everyone should also know that not all exercise methods are beneficial to certain age groups, especially among seniors.

It cannot be avoided that aging adults may sometimes reach a particular circumstance where they need to stop doing the things they used to do so easily before since it can put them in danger. The same goes for exercise. Although exercise can give many health benefits, it can also put seniors at risk of injuries. That is why as much as possible, only choose safe exercises for your senior loved ones and ensure they avoid the following exercises.

  • High-impact aerobics. The jumping combined with fast movements in this exercise could cause injuries to your elderly parent’s joints.
  • Deep squats. Although squats can help strengthen leg muscles, seniors can only strain their knee joints, a common location for arthritis.
  • Sprints on heavy running. Running can strain your aging loved ones’ cardiovascular systems.
  • Standing toe touches. It might be a to-go exercise for flexibility, but not for seniors. Since this exercise requires bending over, it could only cause dizziness which may lead to falls.

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